Cross The Line


Text písně Cross The Line

The fires of hate burn deep inside 
You swear it's the truth, but I know you lied 
I never thought that you would try to take me 
...break me 
For all the years of pain and tears 
Where you preyed upon my biggest fears 
You didn't really think I could forgive you??? 
Did you??? 
I did what I thought a man should do 
But looking back, I'm glad we're through 
You took and took from me till I was broken, 
With selfish ways you've made you bed 
I think of you as if you're dead 
You held me back for years but now its over 

You didn't really think I could forgive you? Did you? 

All my love has turned to hate 
You've crossed the line, now it's too late 
Accept your fate