Text písně Constipation

Constipation - No defecation 

I ate too many jalepanos 
I've got burning asshole syndrome 
I am sitting on the pot 
A thousand farts that will not stop 
I ate a little too much cheese 
My pants are down below my knees 
Sitting on a porcelain 

Sitting in a lonely stall 
I read this on the bathroom wall 
"Here i sit all broken hearted 
Tried to shit and only farted 
Those who write on bathroom walls 
Roll their shit in little balls 
Those who read these words of wit 
Eat those little balls of shit!"


Diskografie 30 Foot Fall – 30 Foot Fall

Acme 143 (1997)

Acme 143 (1997)

  1. Play It By Ear
  2. Constipation
  3. Cheese
  4. Sick Circle
  5. Feel Like Morrissey
  6. Out Of Breath
  7. Nothing Is Cool
  8. Grasp
  9. Willing To Survive One Day At A Time