Text písně Castaway

I´m wandering alone in an open space
Looking around for a human trace
Along the edge of this satellite
Losing the route in this empty sky

I´m prey of the ghosts of this galaxy
Loosing myself in this extasy
No clock is turning to sign the time
Everything´s floating through day and night

No noise is breaking my silent star
I´m on the run, i can go so far
Flying in absence of gravity
Feeling the vibe of eternity

This is the lesson i had to learn
This is the treasure i had to earn
I am the owner of nowhere land
Queen of a castle that´s made of sand

Staring in front of the universe
Maybe someday i´ll meet someone else
I´m sure i´ll do it, but `till that day
Here on my star i am just a castaway


Diskografie Benassi Bros. – Benassi Bros.