(Breaking Over The) Barriers


Text písně (Breaking Over The) Barriers

Floating with nowhere to hide 
Unspoken twist back inside 

How did we get here? 
Life don't belong here 

Feel like I just never tried 
To find a way back to the outside 
It stops me from breathing 
Kills all the dreaming 

Talking to you from the other side of a wall in my mind 
And it's clear that you're near to me 
I think I found a way to understand why I couldn't see what was happening 
The fear overcame me 
Took a trip on the inside, I took a trip on the inside 
I try to hold on until this feeling is gone 
Break through to the other side, I need to break through to the other side 
Of everything that is hurting you 

I just can't lay down and die 
It takes a lifetime to understand why 
It seems that you're near me 
But you don't seem to hear me


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