Blood Religion

Text písně Blood Religion

Clock strikes midnight in the palest moonlight 
As the man walks into my bedroom 
Heart in hand I hear him speak: 
My friend, 
The time has come to rise, my name is Doom. 
Ask no questions 
There will be an answer soon. 

And we fall through the dark of the underworld 
And we`re leaving the light of the day 
And I know we will go to the other side 
And it seems like I`m going to stay 

Hell is home to the gods of the underworld 
To the one who will never betray 
Now my soul will be here for eternity 
And the night will be leading my way 

Yeah, bite me! 

There was a time when hell was divine 
The holy man was nailed to the cross 
A fire on ice, burning inside 
All my hope and loving was lost 

Now hell is my home, the sadness is gone 
But don`t you think my soul it is lost 
If you really care just hold out your hand 
And I will free you all from the cross 

The priest is raising hands to do the final execution 
Shouting out in agony: " Fear the cross " 
I`m digging my claws into his neck and raise him to the ceiling 
Gritting my teeth I smell the blood 
You are lost! 

Blood red vengeance 
I want blood red vengeance 
Screaming for blood 

I was walking through the darkness 
Searching for a white neck to bite 
I was restless and the hunger 
Carried me on through the night 

Yearning vampire: " Fear the cross " 
Feel the undead`s... rage and lust 

Blood red vengeance 
I want blood red vengeance 
Screaming for blood 

Into the dark 
Blood religion 
[Repeat 4 times] 

[Chorus 2] 
Screaming for blood - blood red vengeance 
Screaming for blood - blood red vengeance 
Give me your heart - blood red vengeance 
I want it all - blood red vengeance 
Vengeance... yeah 

Give me your love... oh yeah 
Oh, love me!


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