Text písně Bigger Than Life

Life - sometimes such a bully
It sneaks up and knocks us to the ground
Life - seems to show no mercy
Well It laughs at us and kicks us when we´re down

Well I´ve been there in it´s shadow
And the time has taught me this
If we look over its shoulder
We´ll see that our god is

Bigger than life
Bigger than anything that comes our way
Bigger than life
Bigger than any problems we might face
Our god is so amazing beyond all we can say
So hearts of faith take courage come what may
He´s bigger than life

We, we all have had our bruises
When life has led us to a painful place
Time and again hasn´t our God proven
He can handle any struggles that we face

Well he´ll be the same tomorrow
As he´s been through all the years
So even when this life´s not fair
We have no cause to fear

Our god is so amazing
Beyond all we can say



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