Text písně An American Dream

Suffocate with no room to breathe. 
Forgive us for now is too late. 
This is not an American dream. 
This is no longer an American dream. 
Were trying to breath underwater. 
The few, the proud, no longer sing their song.
One nation under God, its us against the world. 
Weve cut the tongue from society, forcing consumption, never hearing no.
Weve brainwashed our children to believe this is destiny. 
Spoiled rotten, still counting their 1, 2, 3s.
Forgive us for now is too late. 
Forgive us for fueling the flame. 
This is not an American dream any longer;
As weve become spoiled, rotten, counting our 1, 2, 3s. 
Disease infesting our young, beauty has become the beast.


Diskografie August Burns Red – August Burns Red