Text písně An Amen

This is the creation of your world 
Pain of endless days with you 
Torture of neverending nights, without God 
All my idols are dead 
No one risks living anymore 

Come crashing in 
Into my fake glory 
Sick as your gods in the desert of skies 
No one knows 
No one cares 
Hellish boredom 
Nobody dares 

All my heroes are dead 
Never wanted this to happen 
Never wanted to live in there 
Just between the ant-hill and the opium-den 

There’s nothing for us out there 
Innocence is lost 
Speed up the fall and say Amen 
There is death for the dogs 

Destin rongé par le remord 
Un sacerdoce gravé dans mon corps 

Can’t stop looking back 
All my dreams are drowned 
Days always pitch-black 
Your Christ is crowned 
Void’s little helper addicted to wounds 
Ran helter-skelter and hit the ground 

And I wanted you hot 
I wanted you so cold 
But because you’re half-hearted 
I’ll spit you out my tired mouth 

Our existence is doomed 
There’s nothing for us out there 
Speed up the fall 
Say Amen 

Dies Irae, dies illa 
Solvet saeclum in favilla 

Errance rituelle, prison de l’âme 
Les heures percent mon coeur, autant de lames 

Just a drop of social desillusion 
And the army retreats in confusion 
Forgive me for I don’t wanna face the facts 
I’m selfish and fearful and counterattacked


Diskografie Anorexia Nervosa – Anorexia Nervosa