All You Need Is Now

Text písně All You Need Is Now

It's all up to you now 
Find yourself in the moment 
Go directly to the voodoo 
Now the channel is open 
Lose your head 
Lose control 
You come on delicate and fine 
Like a diamond in the mine 

Oh who o 

When you move into the light 
You're the great thing alive 

Oh whoa o 

And you sway in the moon 
The way you did when you were younger 
When we told everybody 
All you need is now 

Stay with the music let it 
Play a little longer longer 
You don't need anybody 
All you need is now 

Everybody's gunning 
For the vip section 
But your better up and running 
In another direction 
With your bones in the flow 
Cold shadow on the vine 
But your lashes let it shine 

Whoa o 

Every moment that arrives 
You're the greatest thing alive