All For You

Text písně All For You

You take your orders 
From the queen of insanity
But the contract said 
It was you and me
I sacrificied family 
My children and my soul
To give you what you wanted
Complete control

You tried to kill 
The love and to isolate
But then you turn around
Like it's not too late
You justify your actions
Forget what you have done
But no more blackmail 
And no more fun
Day in, day out negativity
Beat me down 
With your own family
Your bloodline runs 
In a world of hate
Of dirty white lies 
And to dominate

Lonely people just trying 
To find their way
Looking for something
But this is the price I pay
You thought I was stupid
You thought I was blind
You had me by the balls 
But your well ran dry
You took it all for granted 
And tried to bring me down
But look at what you've done
Take a good look around