Text písně All Faith Is Lost

As the dawn emerges I cry in grief 
Sorrows flow, 
the sadness of another day tortures my heart 

Life fades. Echoes, voices calling 
Within my mind. Shadows. I cry 

My senses deteriorated 
I break down devoid of hope 
All faith is lost. Why live? 

I beg for mercy, I plead, tell me 
Why? Why me? 
Why must I be one of the chosen? 

Forgive me for my inquisition 
Please answer, I offer my condition 
My eyes are closed, I call to the darkness 
allowing the gloom to swallow me 
I relax 

Gripping my soul as I'm extracted from reality 
The umbra chills me 
I levitate, staring at my inanimate corpse 
Drifting towards the eternal bliss 
Beckoned by beings superior 
Colossal roar of silence deafens me 

I disburden myself 
Where am I bound? 

My trappist ways are forgotten 
as peralsized souls cry out for me 
Impassive, I atrive for the light 
My true self finally manifests 
I am found.


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