Text písně Aiming High

Getting in the heat
Coming with a beat
And I love what I feel
Hard and heavy

And I'm moving on and on
'cause my life is on the run
Now I feel the need to try
Oh yeah, - I'm aiming high

Longing all my life
Waiting for a friend
Who is fighting like I do
Likes to do it hard and heavy

It's a man's man's world
Filled with love and pain
And he never gets enough
And that keeps him very tough

Aiming high- aiming high
And I'm waiting for relieve
To the best of my believe
Aiming high- aiming high
What I fight to get it right
For a minute of delight

Falling in the deep
Dreaming in my sleep
How it burns to be cruel
Hard and heavy

I feel lower more and more
'cause I won't do it any more
And I feel the need to cry
Oh yeah, - I'm aiming high


Aiming high indeed
Seeking for my need
That is my sense of touch
Hard and heavy way too much



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