Text písně Africa

this is just a little riddim from Mariánské Lázně
respect reggae culture, reggae vibration
now Joshua scream, listen up, what's up, story of the powerty
it's for the people under the pressure, take your power and stand up for justice
never ending resistance!

It may not be so easy, this song of discrimination
how troubled is the living of African nation
black or white, we are on humanity side
we will fight against the ones who are joy for devils eye
money, money, money, another day light robbery
against the rodents race, you must take your bravery
put down you weapons, stop children kill each other
put down you weapons, stop brother killing brother

Listen to Africa the man with black skin
lost in Africa the man with white skin
sounds of Africa original style
noise of Africa let it live for a while

it hurts, when you lose the sight
it hurts, when you don't have a place for the night
it hurts, when your body can't move
it hurts, when you lose your roof