The Oath Of The Goat

Text písně The Oath Of The Goat

I have sworn the oath of the goat 
I have bled for my oath 
I have been in the kingdom unknown 
I have sworn the oath of the goat 
The everlasting oath, (I) never shan't betray 
For I have drunk, for I have drunk the blood and the sperm of 
the gods 
My soul has been raped, I carry bestial mark 
Inside me burns black flame and I'll never betray... my oath! 

I am branded, I have power 
I have vision of the new world order 
The time is to come, to gather the beasts 
To rewrite history, to head for the final apocalypse war 
To make the sweins pay, pay with their pathetic lives 
To create an elitist world, for we have given the power 
We are the gods, the strongest ones 
And we will exterminate 
And we will annihilate 
And we will desecrate 
'Cause we have the power 

We stand the highest! The strongest ones! 
And we will rule the world the way it should have been done