Text písně Body-Mind-Soul

Cunt, cunt, cunt...! 
Body-mind-soul, in the night, levitation, wanna die ! 
Body-mind-soul, levitate, as you see, masturbate ! 

Cunt ! 
Body-mind-soul, as you see, levitation, what's your bleed ? 
Masturbate, in the night, for everyone, wanna die ! 
Then you die, by my blade, evil souls, morbid fate ! 
Then you die, by my fate, what you will see, cannot escape ! 
Then you die, Satan's son, what you see ? Evil ones ! 
Then you die, as you see, Satan's son, Satan's son ! 

Cunt...cunt...cunt ! 

Body-mind-soul, levitate, as you will see, your fucking fate ! 
Then you die, by my son, evil ones, 
I am Soggoth ! 

Cunt ! 

For everyone, it is now night 
Then you die, wanna die ! 
All of you'll see, morbid fate, 
Here we go, tomb awaits ! 
Satanic reign, take your life, 
Demigod, wanna die ! 
Satan's son, Satan's son, 
I am evil one ! 
Satan's son, Satan's son, 
I am...son, son, son !!


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